With Open Arms
With Open Arms

With Open Arms

Regardless of age, background, or situation, foster parents Julia McIntosh and Tom Moore have welcomed children into their home and their lives with open arms. With the support of one of Julia’s work colleagues who was also considering foster care, Julia and Tom first pursued foster parenting in 2016 and soon after became an approved resource home with DePaul. “Julia and Tom are great parenting partners,” said DePaul Foster Care Specialist Kelly Kiser. “They back each other up and follow through with everything that’s needed. They are willing to work with any children, including those with significant medical needs.”

“For every problem that comes up, there is always more than one way of solving it,” Julia said. “Helping children heal—that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. Beneath all the anger is pain; if you can get to the source of the pain, you can help them heal.”

Since joining DePaul, Tom and Julia have adopted a child from foster care, are in the process of adopting a second child, and have regularly provided short-term care to numerous children. When they initially began fostering, Tom and Julia did not anticipate that they would adopt; however, two special children that came into their lives caused them to reconsider. “We bonded with the children,” Julia explained. “They both disrupted a number of times and we were their last chance before residential placement. We felt they deserved better than to sit waiting in the system to be adopted, as that wait could be a long one.”

Through their combined experience raising birth children in addition to Julia’s professional background, Tom and Julia use creative and effective approaches to parenting and managing difficult behaviors. Julia originally hails from England where she previously worked as a health visitor assisting young children and their families with developmental and health issues. Her education and background in this area contribute to her keen insight on issues relating to children’s health and psychology. She and Tom often think outside the box as they work to promote healing and understand what is meaningful to each child in their care.

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