We believe every foster child deserves to grow up in a permanent, loving family.


Through our Adoption program, we create and enhance families by bringing foster children together with people who are ready to open their hearts and homes to young people in need.

Filling the Gap

Today in the U.S., there are more than 500,000 children in foster care. About 100,000 of these children are waiting for an adoptive family. In Virginia alone, over 1,000 foster children wait to be adopted. In an effort to improve permanency for Virginia’s waiting children, DePaul’s Adoption program was established. Since 2000, our program has helped to prepare children and their adoptive families by providing the services and support necessary to create forever families.

DePaul offers adoption services at no cost thanks to grant funding that is focused on placing children into adoptive homes and providing support to adoptive families. These grants allow us to provide services through each step of the adoption process—from pre-adoption work to prepare children and families, to recruitment efforts to find appropriate families for waiting children, to post-adoption support to ensure families formed by adoption continue to be successful.

Waiting Children

Currently, in Virginia, there are more than 1,000 children and adolescents in foster care who are waiting to be adopted.
The young people who are available for adoptive placement through DePaul’s Adoption program have diverse backgrounds and experiences, but they share at least one thing in common: they are looking for caring, supportive forever families. Click on the images below to view profiles of children and teens who need a place to belong. Are you ready to open your heart and home to one of these wonderful young people?

For more information, please contact the adoption specialist listed in the child’s profile, or call our main office at 540.265.8923.

  • Hailey Meet Hailey

    Meet Hailey!

    Hailey is an adventurous 14-year-old. She loves playing soccer, running track and dancing along to the latest pop songs. At home, she loves to cook and will try all types of food. Outside of home, Hailey is an eager participant at church activities and enjoys spending time with her friends. She enjoys school and makes good grades. She’s often on the honor roll. Hailey is excited for her forever home!  
  • Mariana Meet Mariana

    Meet Mariana!

    She is a spunky 12-year-old who loves to sing and will give you a concert any minute of the day. Mariana loves to play with her dolls and read up on the latest fashion trends and pop culture. Mariana loves animals and would like to be in a home with pets. She is a great self-advocate and articulates her needs. Mariana loves to travel and do new things. She is shy when meeting new people but once she feels comfortable she is very outgoing. Mariana would be best matched with a family who is loving and nurturing. She needs a family that is consistent and structured but remains flexible to accommodate her needs as she heals. She gets along well with children who are older or younger than her and enjoys helping out with tasks. Are you that forever family for Mariana?
  • Jacob Meet Jacob

    Meet Jacob!

    Jacob is an energetic and friendly young man. He is 16 years old and likes to be active. He enjoys lifting weights and is working towards getting stronger and fit. Jacob loves most foods, especially Asian cuisine. He is compassionate and considerate of other people’s feelings. Jacob loves electronics and would like parents that are tech savvy. He especially enjoys playing video games. He advocates for himself and wants a family that will listen and help provide guidance and love. He needs a family that can provide consistency and support to help him be successful in school and life.   For more information, please contact Chris Conner, Adoption Specialist.
  • Destiny Meet Destiny

    Meet Destiny!

    Destiny is a bright 16-year-old who excels in her academics. Her current goal is to become a Registered Nurse. Destiny has experienced some trauma in her life, and would thrive with a family who provided consistent love and support. She is proud of her accomplishment of participating in the marching band. She is very artistic, and loves to draw, color, and paint.
  • Leanna Meet Leanna

    Meet Leanna!

    Leanna is a 14-year-old young woman who desires to be connected and experience the world around her. She thoroughly enjoys going out to restaurants. Leanna is creative with a good sense of humor and uses music as an outlet. She is also quite the UNO player. She has not had the easiest of experiences in life which have shaped her perception of the world. Trust comes slowly for Leanna but she does desire to connect and be shown love and compassion. Consistency from a caregiver is key, as she has had to deal with many broken promises.  Leanna would do best in a home with no siblings and caregivers who can give her regular one-on-one attention.
  • Alexa Meet Alexa

    Meet Alexa!

    She is a charming, witty 17-year-old who is gearing up to meet the world after graduation this year. Alexa loves children and hopes to pursue a career in childcare. She wants to further her education after graduation. In the last few years, she has learned to cook; she even has a few recipes that she might share! Alexa would thrive in a family with structure and consistency. She would love to have a family to call her own and one to help her transition into her adult life.  
  • Anthony Meet Anthony

    Meet Anthony!

    Anthony is a 14-year-old young man who enjoys being active in sports and weight lifting. Basketball is his favorite sport to play. He is a bright young man who is quiet and well-mannered.  Like many teenagers, Anthony likes to keep up with current trends in music, clothes, and shoes. Anthony has had a tough time with adults in his life letting him down. Despite this, Anthony generally presents with a positive demeanor and is hopeful about his future. He requires a consistent and compassionate caregiver who can help him walk through tough situations. Homes with older or no siblings would be ideal, however, younger siblings is not a disqualifier.
  • Evan Meet Evan

    Meet Evan!

    Evan is kind, charming, outgoing, and makes everyone laugh. He enjoys playing basketball, watching football, going to the beach and cooking. If you are lucky, he might cook you one of his famous grilled cheese sandwiches! Evan loves to be adventurous, so an active family would be an awesome fit for him. He has been in foster care for years and is eager to have a family.
  • James Meet James

    Meet James!

    James is a jovial 15-year-old. He usually takes a while to open up, but once he does, he is more than comfortable with adults and peers. James loves to be outside when it is warm. He enjoys riding his bike, shopping, fashion design, and sometimes dyeing his hair. You could also find him in his room relaxing, playing on his phone, or listening to music. James would love to have a family with a mom and a dad; teenage or adult siblings would be ideal to him. He needs a family who can provide structure, as he does well with a schedule. He is accustomed to helping out and doing chores.
  • Trino Meet Trino

    Meet Trino!

    Trino is a 12-year-old who loves the country. He loves working on a farm and is great with his hands. When he grows up, he would like to be a farmer or mechanic. He loves to build things and isn’t afraid to get dirty helping out or doing chores. Trino loves to play with animals, swim, and play the X-Box. He is very talented musically and can sing. He loves folk, bluegrass, country, and rock and roll music. Trino can play the trumpet and currently plays the trombone in the band at school. Trino is a very lovable child and does well with structure.
  • Caleb Meet Caleb

    Meet Caleb!

    This 16-year-old is full of fun! Caleb is very personable. He loves pets and loves to be outdoors. He enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and riding four-wheelers. He also enjoys riding bikes, playing with his Nerf gun, playing his DS game system, and listening to music. On occasion, Caleb might sing for you! He enjoys school and his favorite subject is math. He loves working with his hands. One day Caleb would like to be a welder or mechanic. Caleb is currently in foster care with his sister Cara and would love if they could find their forever home together.
  • Cara Meet Cara

    Meet Cara!

    This adorable 12-year-old absolutely loves the outdoors! Cara loves to go camping, hiking and fishing. She just got a new bike and loves to ride it. Cara also likes to play her DS game system, draw, listen to music, do crafts, and participate in gymnastics. She likes school and her favorite subject is math. Cara adores dogs and all other pets. She is kind and very personable. Cara is currently in foster care with her brother Caleb and would love if they could find their forever home together.
  • Jesse Meet Jesse

    Meet Jesse!

    Jesse is 13 years old. He is very energetic and loves horseback riding, fishing, riding bikes and many other outdoor activities. You can also find Jesse reading books, playing with Legos, or playing basketball. This active teen loves to be a helper and would appreciate the opportunity to help his parents with outdoor activities. Jesse needs parents that can devote a lot of time to build a strong relationship with him. He would benefit from a two-parent home without siblings. Structure is important in his life and he does best when daily routines are set and followed. Are you a family that lives in the country, possibly on a farm, and has a spot in your home for an eager farm enthusiast? If so, Jesse might have found his forever home!
  • Christopher Meet Christopher

    Meet Christopher!

    Christopher is a funny jokester with a great sense of humor! He is playful and fun to be around. His favorite food is spaghetti. He absolutely loves to cook and help in the kitchen. Christopher has a creative side. He especially likes making projects with slime. He’s athletic and plays on basketball and football teams in his hometown. He loves jumping on the trampoline, riding ATVs, and playing video games. He’s also sensitive and loves taking care of rescue animals.
  • Kevin Meet Kevin

    Meet Kevin!

    Kevin is soft-spoken and very well-mannered. He likes to fish and build things. He’s a well-rounded young man who is content coloring and reading, but he can mix it up and be competitive on the football field as well. Christmas is Kevin's favorite holiday. He would love to cook you some turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy! Chores and structure are not a problem. You can find Kevin helping out where needed. He already has a career be a welder. Kevin is so excited to have loving parents, and maybe some brothers and sisters too!  

The Children We Serve

The young people served by our Adoption program are usually of 10 years of age or older, may face physical, mental, or emotional challenges, may be members of sibling groups of two or more, and are diverse in race and ethnicity.

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