Whether in out-of-home placement or living with birth/adoptive family, DePaul’s Therapeutic Mentoring program aims to improve young peoples’ daily functioning.

Each child and adolescent is carefully matched with a mentor who serves as a positive role model. Services are designed to meet the individualized needs of those with moderate emotional or severe behavioral issues, developmental delays, physical disabilities, or other challenging living situations.

Treatment plan activities include:

  • Education/tutoring: Enhances basic study skills and assists in academically weak areas
  • Skill development/behavior: Augments independent living, life skills, and behavior management skills
  • Socialization/community integration: Improves social skills and social behavior
  • Recreation: Rewards young people and serves as additional incentive
  • Volunteer/community service: Promotes responsibility and self-esteem, and also serves as recreation to reward young people and as additional incentive
  • Other services as requested by the funding source