Crisis Services
Crisis Services

Crisis Services

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention at DePaul is designed to be a short-term, office-based intervention that will allow an individual to meet with a counselor for up to five sessions. Spread out over days or weeks, these sessions can address certain mental health crisis needs such as an individual experiencing difficulty in establishing or maintaining normal relationships to a degree that they are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization, homelessness, or isolation from social supports without appropriate intervention. This service allows individuals to receive counseling to help alleviate their current situation, without the need to formally enroll in traditional Outpatient Services. At the end of the five sessions, the individual would have the option to enroll in DePaul’s Outpatient Counseling services to receive on-going counseling, if needed.

*Due to COVID-19 precautions, Crisis Intervention may not be available on-site at all locations. Please reach out to the office directly with questions.

Funding Eligibility

Crisis Intervention is funded by Medicaid insurance, as well as certain private insurance plans.

Mobile Crisis Stabilization

The mission of DePaul’s Mobile Crisis Stabilization program is to provide temporary, direct intensive interventions and support to individuals experiencing a behavioral or psychiatric crisis. The intent is that these services will avert emergency, psychiatric, or institutional placements that jeopardize their current community living situation, which may include biological family homes, foster homes, independent living apartments/homes, respite homes, or sponsored homes. This service is designed to stabilize the individual and strengthen the current living situation so that they are able to remain in the community during and beyond the crisis episode.

Funding Eligibility

At this time, Mobile Crisis Stabilization services are only offered to individuals and families in DePaul’s Foster Care, Adoption, Developmental Disabilities, and Independent Living programs.

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