Services for Foster Care Teens

To prepare teens in foster care for independence, DePaul works alongside families to ensure the young people in their care are equipped with the skills they need as adults.

In support of our Foster Care program, we offer life skills training free of charge to individuals ages 14 to 21 who reside with DePaul foster or resource families. Our staff supports and encourages families to practice the necessary skills, exercise the appropriate freedoms, and take on the responsibilities needed for young people to achieve self-sufficiency prior to leaving foster care. DePaul offers this service at all locations that provide foster care services.

Transition to Adulthood

In preparation for life after foster care, our Transition to Adulthood program extends essential life skills training to young adults outside of DePaul’s care.

For individuals ages 17 to 21, DePaul offers this program for young people who are in foster care but do not reside in DePaul foster or resource homes. Throughout the program, our supportive staff provides case management; youth-specific training; a life skills assessment; the creation of an individualized tool kit; and assistance with education, employment, and housing issues. Eligible individuals can be referred for this service by local departments of social services as well as other sources. The Transition to Adulthood program is available at all DePaul locations that provide foster care services.