Prospective Sponsored Home Providers

If you answer true to all of the statements below, we welcome your application to become a sponsored residential provider:

I have a GED or high school diploma.
I have a valid driver’s license and my own car.
No household members have been charged with a barrier crime as defined by the Code of VA.
All household members are cleared by CPS background checks.
I can consistently lift 50 pounds.
I have no more than six individuals living in my home.
I can provide a current driving record with fewer than negative 5 driving points.
I am reachable within 24 hours by home phone or cell phone.
All members of the family living in the home (including children) are supportive of having an individual with a developmental and/or intellectual disability moving into the home.
I have at least one year of experience working with individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.
If a two-provider home, we are willing to go through the approval process and be active participants in the individual’s life, including attending all training annually.
I am willing to complete daily documentation and attend all required/recommended training.
I am committed to providing excellent care.
My home and yard are neat, organized, clean, and in good repair.
I have identified a backup provider.
The length of time it takes to complete a home study depends on two factors:

1. How long it takes for background checks to return (usually four to six weeks)
2. How proactive the prospective provider is.

Prospective sponsored residential providers must submit standard information such as a DMV report, proof of financial stability, declaration page of insurance, tuberculosis (TB) results, certificate of occupancy, etc. Our goal is to complete the home study within 60 to 90 days.
Sponsored residential care isn’t always easy, so DePaul places an emphasis on family support. You will work with a dedicated residential coordinator, who will provide assistance and advice, including:

● Training, supervision, and monitoring, including monthly and more frequent home visits based on the needs of the caregiver and the individual being served
● 24-hour crisis intervention and on-call service
● Assistance with medical and psychological appointments
● Emotional support and hands-on assistance

After an individual is placed with you, the residential coordinator will make weekly visits to your home for the first four weeks to ensure that both you and the individual receiving care are adjusting well and that paperwork is being completed properly.

The frequency of visits will then decrease and phone communication will increase. A 24-hour on-call service is available to all providers for emergency situations.
Sponsored residential providers complete daily documentation related to the care they provide. DePaul provides one-on-one documentation training as well as group trainings on managing your paperwork.

Unlike other organizations, DePaul residential coordinators write individual service plans and quarterly reviews as well as their own monthly reports, which lessens the work for the provider. We also help complete Medicaid reviews, social security reviews, and other documents the individual living in your home might receive.

Sponsored residential providers are paid once a month via direct deposit.
Contact the home finder in the closest DePaul service location to you.
Required trainings such as Direct Support Provider (DSP) orientation, 32-hour medication administration, CPR, and first aid are all transferable classes only if certificates are provided. For all other questions about transferring trainings, background checks, fingerprints, and tuberculosis (TB) tine tests, call your local DePaul representative.
Remember, you have a choice in where you or your loved one wants to live. Multiple choices across multiple providers should be given in an effort to provide each individual with the best possible opportunities in their communities.

For all other questions about transferring training or tests, call your local DePaul home finder.

Becoming a sponsored residential care provider takes effort and is a significant commitment. We appreciate you considering the opportunity. If you have other questions or are ready to open your home to a child or adult with developmental disabilities, call DePaul today at 888-233-7285 or complete the form below. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!