Independent Living
Independent Living

Independent Living

Along the often-challenging road to independence, DePaul’s Independent Living (IL) program offers support to young people as they transition from life in foster care to life as adults.

In the Independent Living program, our goal is to ensure that foster teens successfully transition to self-sufficiency. Our services assist young people in developing life skills, making permanent connections to caring and committed adults, meeting individual goals, and making well-informed choices for their future. Throughout the process, our staff provides guidance, compassion, and direction in navigating the difficult journey from adolescence to adulthood.

The IL program provides the following services:

  • Case management
  • Life skills assessments
  • Individual and group training opportunities on topics such as managing finances, healthy lifestyle habits, and interpersonal communication
  • Support in crisis situations
  • Connections to community resources
  • Guidance in establishing academic goals
  • Assistance in the development of career/vocational plans and individual apprenticeships

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