Independent Living Apartments

To assist young adults as they take their first steps toward independence, DePaul’s Independent Living (IL) apartments offer opportunities for self-sufficiency while providing individual and group support.

For individuals ages 18 to 21, this program provides young adults with the opportunity to live in an apartment setting where they can practice the skills necessary to transition to adulthood while receiving support and guidance from our IL staff. The apartments, which are leased and maintained by DePaul, are located in Charlottesville, Abingdon, and Roanoke.

To participate in this program, eligible individuals must be enrolled in an educational or vocational program and/or be employed; be willing to participate in an interview and IL readiness assessment; and be willing to set and work towards appropriate goals.

Our supportive IL staff is available to work with young people in the program in a variety of areas, from personal responsibilities to community safety and apartment maintenance. To ensure safety and proper housekeeping techniques are implemented throughout the building, each individual’s living area is reviewed on a regular basis. We also address other relevant issues with our IL apartment residents, including boredom and loneliness, appropriate ways to spend leisure time, and effective ways to manage guests. To further encourage growth and independence, individuals in the program must participate in group and/or individual skill building.

Independent Living Arrangements

Because we believe young adults are most successful when they have input into their own living situations, DePaul offers the Independent Living (IL) Arrangements program.

Our IL Arrangements program allows young adults to continue to receive support and preparation for adulthood while residing in the environment best suited for their needs. Services can be provided in virtually any setting—whether it is a college dorm, community apartment, or arrangements with friends or foster parents. The IL Arrangements program is available in all DePaul locations that provide foster care services.