Regional Post-Adoption Consortium Services
Regional Post-Adoption Consortium Services

Regional Post-Adoption Consortium Services

DePaul Community Resources was selected starting July 2020 to act as the lead agency implementing the regional consortium system in both the Western and Piedmont regions of Virginia.

Working to Ensure Easy Access to the Services and Supports Adoptive Families Need to Thrive

All families need support and connection, and adoptive families are no different.  However, adoptive families do face some unique challenges. Because of this we want to help ensure that each adoptive family is connected to a caring community of individuals who can understand their successes and support them through their challenges.

What we do:

  • Resources and referrals
  • Education, training, and support
  • Parent and youth discussion groups
  • Community building, activities, and events (in-person and virtual)
  • Planned respite events

Who we serve:

Adoptive families who…

  • Have a finalized adoption
  • Have an adopted child between the ages of 0-18
  • Live in the Western and Piedmont regions of Virginia

All services are provided at NO COST thanks to a generous grant from the Virginia Department of Social Services.

To begin receiving post-adoption supports, please complete the following steps using the web forms below:

  1. Complete Make a Referral form
  2. Complete Post-Adoption Services Agreement
  3. Complete VDSS Data Sharing Consent Form

The Adoptive Family Information Line is 855.554.5240.

View Our Brochure 

For families that live outside the service area, see links below to contact the lead service providing agency in your area:

NORTHERN REGION: adoptionsupport.org/post-adoption-case-management-for-virginia/

CENTRAL AND EASTERN REGION: umfs.org/services/foster-care-adopt/adoption-services/

Adoption Awareness: Advocates and Allies:

DePaul, CCC, and VDSS are committed to increasing awareness of adoption-related issues, including the need to build strong trauma-informed communities. As such, we operate quarterly meetings that bring together a variety of partners to help advance our mission. For more information on how you can join please send us a message using the link below:

Post-adoption Supports: