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The Heart and Home Society

The Heart and Home Society

Legacy Giving

In Virginia, too many children, families, and individuals with disabilities lack hope and belonging. They reside in institutions, nursing homes, or residential treatment facilities-away from home cooked meals and a family to call their own. DePaul’s Heart and Home Society seeks to address this need, and your far-reaching investment in our organization allows us to continue to transform the lives of children, teens, and families in the child welfare system and individuals with developmental disabilities.

With charitable gift planning, you can leave a legacy that will continue to impact children, families, and individuals with disabilities for years to come. You can structure your gift to maximize its benefits in a way that is most meaningful to you, your loved ones, and DePaul.

The Heart and Home Society recognizes individuals who have made provisions for DePaul through their estate plans. As a member you can tell your story and become a role model to others thinking about leaving a legacy gift to DePaul, or if you prefer, you can remain anonymous.

Listen below to learn more about leaving a legacy gift:

Ways to Give:

Bequest: A charitable bequest is the most familiar type of legacy gift. As a donor, you are able to direct an executor or trustee to make a gift to DePaul through a will or trust. You maintain complete control over the assets during your lifetime, and you can change your instructions for their ultimate distribution at any time. For an estate, a charitable bequest is the simplest means of obtaining an estate deduction.

Life Insurance Policy: A life insurance policy can become a powerful and simple way to support our work. You can name DePaul as a primary beneficiary for a percentage or a specified amount of the policy, or you can make us a contingent beneficiary. Donating a policy outright is another strategy for creating significant impact on our work.

Retirement or Pension Plan: You can designate DePaul as a beneficiary of your retirement or pension plan. Depending on your tax situation, your plan assets can be transferred to DePaul tax free and your heirs may be able to avoid income tax on the distribution from your plan. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, DePaul will pay no taxes on the proceeds and will have more funds to fulfill a mission that is near and dear to your heart. (You might also consider if a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) can help your current tax situation. In many instances, QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year, as long as certain rules are met.) Please consult with your tax, legal, and/or professional advisor when creating your legacy plans.

Creating a legacy gift is easier than you think!

Is DePaul already in your plans? Please let us know. We would love to include you in the Heart and Home Society and give you the recognition and thanks you deserve, should that be your wish.

Heart and Home Society Members

The Heart and Home Society is comprised of philanthropic individuals whose generous contributions open doors to hope and belonging for generations to come. The following individuals have provided for the future of DePaul through a planned gift:

Russell H. Brown*

Beth Ann Collins*

Dr. Betty C. Etzler

Gordon and Susan Ewald

Emily Mayhew

*Deceased members

Want to learn more?

If you would like more information about how naming DePaul as a beneficiary in your will, trust, retirement plans, and/or life insurance policies can ensure that children, teens, and adults continue to receive access to high-quality services, please contact Jamie Snead at 540.269.0878 to learn more about the Heart and Home Society.