How A Family’s Love Transcended Its Loss
How A Family’s Love Transcended Its Loss

How A Family’s Love Transcended Its Loss

The bond between Curtis Hall and his daughter Beth is unbreakable—the love and trust they share immeasurable. That bond helped Curtis and Beth navigate the heartbreaking loss of her mother, Carolyn, in 2011.

After his wife passed away, Curtis knew he had to be there for Beth as much as possible. She needed him more than ever. He chose to retire so he could stay home, be there for her, and take care of her.

“I felt like it was my duty to see that her needs were met and be her caregiver at that point,” said Curtis.

It wasn’t easy though. Not only was the family processing the difficult loss of Carolyn, but they were also adjusting to a new way of life and a new financial situation. When Curtis heard about DePaul and the sponsored residential program through a family friend, he thought it could be exactly what they needed.

“We hoped we could do better than what we had been doing,” said Curtis.

Curtis said the sponsored residential program provided his family education, resources, and financial support. For Beth, who is naturally shy until she gets to know and trust people, the program also provided opportunities to branch out, meet new people, and explore new places.

“She’s met a whole lot of friends that she wouldn’t have met without DePaul,” said Curtis. “It’s broadened her relationships and her world.”

Speaking of relationships, years back, Beth forged a special bond with someone new. Wanda was a long-time special education teacher in the community—she even taught Beth. As Curtis said, once he and Wanda met outside of school, the rest was history. They were married and Beth began building that special bond with Wanda, sharing her love, and learning to trust.

Beth stays busy these days. She loves listening to music, talking on the phone with family and friends, attending church, and visiting Dollywood. Some days, when Beth wants to talk about her mother, Curtis and Wanda are there … sometimes to talk, sometimes just to listen. The family is strong, thankful for every moment together and every memory made.

*Photo by Emily Ball Pictures