Hope and Healing No Matter What
Hope and Healing No Matter What

Hope and Healing No Matter What

Many years ago, Margo Humes made a promise to herself and to DePaul—to open her heart and home to any child who needed her for however long they needed her. She has kept that promise for 19 years.

“I think all children need a home, all children need stability in their life,” said Margo. “I feel I can provide that for them.”

Margo’s heart was her guide as she started her foster care journey. Circumstances had led her mother, who was a foster parent to two boys, to consider closing her home. Margo could not imagine saying goodbye to these two boys whom she had grown to love. So, she became a foster parent with DePaul and welcomed the two boys into her home as soon as she could.

Her early days as a foster parent were not easy. Her heart and mind had to adjust to parenting kids from hard places and hearing stories that she could not even imagine.

“I had knowledge of hurt but hadn’t seen it through the eyes of a child,” said Margo.

With the support of her husband, family, and DePaul, Margo kept going. The heart that had guided her into this challenging and miraculous journey was committed to caring for children in need.

“The best part is knowing that you will give a child something that they haven’t had … give them a home to live in, give them strength and courage,” said Margo.

As the years passed, Margo’s home became a safe, loving place for kids of different ages, different races, from different walks of life. Children who had faced barriers and battles because of who they were or where they came from or what they did were given a chance at something different—a person in their life who was willing to work with them, to accept them, to be there for them, to love them unconditionally.

“You can’t judge them, and you can’t take it personally,” said Margo. “You have to work to adapt to their needs, let them know you love them, and don’t be so quick to give up on them.”

Margo’s hope is that more people will take the leap that she did, understanding that there are so many children in their own communities in desperate need of safety and stability. She also hopes that those who start the journey will keep their hearts and minds open.

“All children are looking for the same things: love, nurturing, care,” said Margo.

As she approaches two decades of being a foster parent, Margo’s home, heart, and mind are all still open.

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