Committing to Love
Committing to Love

Committing to Love

When Faith entered the foster care system four years ago at the age of 9, she was lonely and afraid. Due to the trauma she suffered in her young life, Faith’s therapist didn’t believe it was possible for her to find permanency through adoption. Yet Faith had another person on her care team who believed differently. DePaul Foster Care Specialist Shannon Shepherd believes every child is adoptable and she works to find determined families like Sue and Roscoe (Roc) Reynolds who never lose hope. In 2014, Sue and Roc opened their home to Faith with the goal of adoption and their journey began.

Faith’s first few months in the Reynolds household were rocky. Having moved in and out of several foster homes prior to the Reynolds’ home, it was difficult for Faith to trust Sue and Roc when they said they would stand by her no matter what. “I wasn’t certain it was going to work,” Shannon said. “They were brand-new foster parents who had never raised children before.” Despite the odds, hope grew for Faith and the Reynolds family as Sue and Roc remained committed to their foster daughter. They attended therapy and worked with an attachment clinic to learn how to provide Faith with the best support possible. They never gave up on her, and constantly reassured her that their love was unconditional.

“There is love no matter what. It’s not really love if it stops because of something. You commit.” – Sue Reynolds

After the experience tested the faith of many on her care team, adoption became a reality for Faith and the Reynolds family in 2015. “Of all the things Roc and I have done in our lives, this is the one thing that has truly brought us joy,” Sue said of the tough yet rewarding times the family faced together. “There is love no matter what. It’s not really love if it stops because of something. You commit.”

Today, Faith has a new sense of belonging that has allowed her to branch out like never before. With a friendly, bubbly personality, she is participating in cheerleading, shining brightly in school, and helping her family feed the homeless at church. Now, Faith is truly at home.

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