Meet Billie the Fainting Goat!

Billie is on a journey to find the courage to overcome his anxiety. Follow along as Billie learns how to calm his fears and relax his body in a scary world, guided by his Nanny-Goat.

Children and their parents can read along as Nanny-Goat takes Billie through simple step-by-step progressive muscle relaxation techniques. Proven technique combined with endearing characters makes this book effective both as a tool and a comfort for any child.

“A Goat’s Tale” is a wonderful opportunity to give children the ability to master their anxiety and build an awareness of the control they have over their own physical reactions to stress. Beautifully illustrated, this heartwarming book will entertain as it teaches and empowers.

“A Goat’s Tale” was written by A.L. Burns and illustrated by Julianne Orr. Click here to learn more about them.


“A Goat’s Tale” is available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



Hear from our readers…

“This book is an excellent example of using progressive muscle relaxation to reduce overall levels of anxiety. The art is FANTASTIC and really shows how to do the techniques!! Highly recommend.”

“This is the book we need right now. The story is simple and easy for children to grasp. They learn how to relax their bodies, slow their breathing, and work through any fears they may be having. In such uncertain times, Burns gives parents a real tool to help make things easier for their little ones. Thank you!”

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