Unsettled: A Storytelling Project From DePaul
Unsettled: A Storytelling Project From DePaul

Unsettled: A Storytelling Project From DePaul

Welcome to Unsettled: A Storytelling Project from DePaul.

At DePaul, we believe stories have the power to inform, inspire, unite, and make change. This project is our chance to share powerful stories with the hope of reaching you, our listeners. Join us for our second step in the storytelling project journey—Unsettled: From Hard Places. Unsettled is hosted and produced by Alison Wickline-Burns.

Children deserve families. They deserve safe, loving homes in communities that welcome and support them. But children who come from hard places, sometimes struggle to get what they deserve. When these children deal with complex disorders like trauma and attachment, how do they, and people that love and care for them, have hope and find healing? Listen as we dive deep into trauma and attachment, meet parents who are caring for kids from hard places, and explore how communities can do more to support those who need it.

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Thank you to our Unsettled: From Hard Places sponsors—Marsh McLennan, SEGRA, and Wilbanks Smith & Thomas.

Imagine living part of your childhood in a system … moving from home to home … you’re floating and never finding a safe place to land. Then you age out of that system, you are too old to stay and not quite ready to go. You are no longer floating but instead free falling into the unknown. This is Unsettled: Aging Out, a podcast from DePaul Community Resources.

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