Opening Doors to Hope and Belonging
Opening Doors to Hope and Belonging

Opening Doors to Hope and Belonging

Introducing DePaul’s first podcast…Opening Doors to Hope and Belonging!

We believe in the power of open communication and shared stories…that’s really where the idea for this podcast began. Our goal with the Opening Doors podcast is to explore the worlds of foster care, adoption, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. We want to help share stories from the populations we love and serve every day. We also want to take a broader look at vulnerable and forgotten populations outside the walls of DePaul. We think those stories deserve to be shared too.

This podcast is a chance for us to learn and grow together and we can’t wait to get started!

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Episode Information:

Episode 1 – Foster Care Basics

  • Guest: Kate Means, director of foster care and independent living
  • Questions: What is most important for people to understand about foster care? What does foster-to-adopt mean? Where do prospective foster parents start? How will COVID-19 affect the foster care system?

Episode 2 – Life As Foster Parents

  • Guests: Debra and Brett Martin, DePaul foster parents
  • Questions: What is life like as a foster parent? What expectations did you have going into the process? What is the most challenging part? What is the best part? What advice do you have for other foster parents?

Episode 3 – Foster Care Myth Busters

  • Guests: Emily Moore and Chris Tompkins, regional recruiters for DePaul
  • In this episode, myths surrounding foster care are debunked and questions about the process are answered.

Episode 4 – The Power of Independent Living

  • Guests: Chelsie Wilson, independent living supervisor and Chelséa Lewis, former independent living program participant
  • Along the often-challenging road to independence, DePaul’s Independent Living (IL) program offers support to young people as they transition from life in foster care to life as adults. Join host Alison Wickline as she discusses the program with DePaul staff as well as an individual who credits the program with changing her life.

Episode 5 – Sponsored Residential Basics

  • Guest: Amber Wieringo, director of residential services
  • Questions: What is the sponsored residential program at DePaul? What does it mean to be a compassionate caregiver? How can a sponsored home be beneficial for an individual with a developmental or intellectual disability? Why would you encourage someone to consider becoming a compassionate caregiver or to find a sponsored home for their loved one with a disability?

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