Walking Together Toward A Bright Future
Walking Together Toward A Bright Future

Walking Together Toward A Bright Future

December 19 was the most beautiful day of 20-year-old Moe’s life. It was the day she said “I do” to her best friend surrounded by loved ones. And on that day, she was escorted down the aisle by some­one who she believes had a hand in changing her life: DePaul’s Independent Living supervisor, Carrie.

“I asked Carrie to walk me down the aisle because nobody since I’ve been an adult has helped me the way Carrie has,” said Moe. “She’s been there for me…when I was at my darkest times, she was there listening and held me when I needed to cry.”

“It truly was one of the greatest honors of my life,” said Carrie.

Carrie’s involvement in one of the most impor­tant days of Moe’s life illustrates the power and impact of the Independent Living program and its dedicated team. DePaul’s IL programs in Abingdon, Charlottesville, and Roanoke offer safe housing, support, and opportunities for self-sufficiency to young people who have aged out of foster care.

Moe was in the IL program in Abingdon for almost two years. When she started, she was in high school and living on her own. During her time in the program, she graduated high school, enrolled in and completed a certified nursing assistant program, and began working at a local assisted living facility.

“My time in the program was amazing because they helped me push myself where I could do the things all the adults in my past told me I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to do,” said Moe.

Moe graduated from the program shortly before her wedding and is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a registered nurse.

“Moe is such a light,” said Carrie. “We have been able to be there for her through some wonderful times, as well as some of the hard stuff. The growth and maturity I have seen in her over the years has been astounding. We miss her terribly but are incredibly proud of her.”

Today, Moe is moving forward on a new jour­ney filled with love, hope, and the lasting impacts of DePaul’s Independent Living program and the people who lifted her up when she needed it most.

“I met wonderful people along the way that will forever be in my heart,” said Moe.

*Photo by B DeBusk Photography