The Right Thing To Do
The Right Thing To Do

The Right Thing To Do

David and Christy Reed believe in doing the right thing. It is what guides their lives, and it is what led them to become foster parents. They wanted to provide a safe, loving home for children in need no matter what. Before they started the process, they made sure their biological children were on board and that they had a strong support network. And they knew DePaul was the right agency to walk alongside them on their journey.

“We took a lot of things into consideration and tried to remove as many barriers to it working as we could,” said David.

The Reeds’ first call was about a little girl who needed safety and stability. They welcomed her with open arms, promising to care for her for as long as she needed them. During those days, they learned a lot from each other. She celebrated a birthday with them. Then, the time came for her to go back home to her family of origin. It was hard for Christy and David to let go, but they knew in their hearts it was right.

“It felt like the right thing to do for her,” said David. “Even though we loved and cared for her, it was the right thing to do.”

The next call was about a sibling group, a 1-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy. They said yes without question, and the family grew. It became clear over the course of their time together that the siblings would not be going back to their family of origin. So, the Reeds committed to loving and caring for them forever. In December 2022, they were officially adopted. It was beautiful but bittersweet.

“You are happy, but also humbled because you know what’s happening and what they’re losing to become part of your family,” said David.

As the Reeds were finalizing the adoption process, they felt called to do more of the right thing. They had space to share and love to give, so they welcomed another foster child into the home. The house is full, their schedules are full, and their hearts are full, too.

“The most rewarding thing is watching the children thrive in our care, hit different milestones, and flourish in our home,” said David. “You always know in your heart that you’re giving everything you can to make a difference in their life.”