The Impact of Opportunities
The Impact of Opportunities

The Impact of Opportunities

Lewis loves his days at DePaul’s OPTIONS day support center in Madison Heights. For him, the program has provided an opportunity to engage with others, explore his community, and expand his world. Lewis’ mom Delphine said the program’s positive impact on him is hard to describe, but easy to see.

“It’s something good for him to do each day,” said Delphine. “He’s getting out in the world and meeting people.”

DePaul’s OPTIONS centers, in Madison Heights and Fishersville, provide programs, activities, and projects that are tailored to the abilities and interests of each participant. For Lewis, that individualized support has been essential. Sometimes, Lewis struggles with noises and crowds. When he needs his space, OPTIONS staff members make sure he has a quiet room and time to relax. But these days, Lewis is more likely to be out and about, a big change from where he was just a year ago when he rarely left the center.

“Recently, he has shown a curiosity and excitement for community engagement,” said Connie, day support case manager. “If a vehicle is leaving day support for an outing, Lewis is often on it and smiling.”

Lewis volunteers with Meals on Wheels. He visits local museums and parks with other program participants. He goes bowling every week. And he spends a lot of time in the center’s game room. His days at OPTIONS are busy. Now, the world around him is more open, more inclusive, and less overwhelming.

“Watching Lewis blossom and thrive has been a huge success for our day support program this past year,” said Connie.

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