Internships at DePaul
Internships at DePaul

Internships at DePaul

Internships in Foster Care and Independent Living

Intern applicants pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work or the human services field are welcome to apply for available internship opportunities within our treatment foster care program or working with young adults in our independent living apartment program. Selected intern applicants will be provided a MSW field instructor and Task Supervisor who will work closely with you throughout your internship in ensuring you meet your internship requirements as well as personal educational goals. Each selected intern applicant will be provided opportunities to develop and enhance their skills through shadowing, observation and direct client work in tandem with a DePaul staff member in the office, home or community settings in preparation for a career in social work

Internships in Counseling and Community-Based Services

Students selected for graduate-level internships within the Community Based Services program at DePaul will have opportunities to engage with licensed and license-eligible clinical staff, while providing direct services to individuals and families, which may include Intensive In-Home counseling or Family/Parent Engagement services, as well as providing formalized life skills education and training for youth involved in the juvenile justice system (juvenile probation) , or to young adults who participate in DePaul’s Independ Living program.  These services are provided under the supervision of a licensed supervisor (LCSW or LPC, depending on student’s program of study) and students are generally required to register for the Virginia Board of Counseling QMHP-Supervisee status, prior to the start of their internship process.  Students may also have opportunities to assist with or observe outpatient counseling sessions, with client and provider permission.

Students selected for undergraduate-level internships will have opportunities to shadow and assist with the provision and delivery of clinical services in the presence of a qualified therapist or clinician, but would not be expected or allowed to provide direct services without another provider present. Undergraduate students can be assigned an individual to monitor if required by individual educational program needs, but would not be expected to register for QMHP-Supervisee status.

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For foster care and independent living, please email your completed form to chatwithfostercare@depaulcr.org. For counseling and community-based services, please email your completed form to chatwithcbs@depaulcr.org.