Donor Listings
Donor Listings

Donor Listings

Annual Report 2023

In-Kind Donors


Ashley Furniture

Bearly Art

Christ Lutheran Church

Kelly Ann Davis

Dollar General Store

Domino’s of Charlottesville (Millmont St.)


Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

Maria Hearn

Ed and Laura Israel

Jefferson Scholars Foundation


Irvin and Sam Marshall

Robin McKee

Molina Healthcare

More Better Technology

My Very Own Blanket

Noble Neighborhood Watch

Parkway Brewing

Quilts for Kids

Blake Ray

Ethel Ronk

Bryce and Mollie Rudisill

Nancy Sisco

Doug and Jan Smythers

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The Dead Reckoning

University of Virginia Athletics

Randy and Taralyn Wear

Wegmans of Charlottesville

WVBE / The Vibe Radio

Foundations and Organizations

Amazon Smile


Barnes & Noble Booksellers of Roanoke VA (Valley View)

Bascom Slemp Foundation (ANONYMOUS)

C.E. Richardson Benevolent Foundation

Centra Health Inc. Community Health Services

Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia

County of Bedford

Daleville Institute, Inc.

Dominion Risk Advisors, LLC

C. Wareheim Foundation



Friendship Marina

Graham White Manufacturing Company

Harry and Zoe Poole Foundation

Jackson Burley Middle School

Jesse N. Bosang Trust

Marsh McLennan Agency LLC

Mary and Daniel Loughran Foundation, Inc.

National Home Library Foundation


Our Savior Lutheran Church

Parkway Brewing

PayPal Giving Fund

Pigg River Precision, Inc.

Pinnacle Financial Partners

Roanoke City Human Services

Safelite AutoGlass Foundation

Sam’s Club of Lynchburg #6458

State Farm Companies Foundation

Suburban Propane LP

The Al Stroobants Foundation

The Community Foundation of the New River Valley

The Dead Reckoning

The Edgar A. Thurman Charitable Foundation for Children

The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation

The Hughes Philanthropic Society

The Louise R. Lester Foundation

The Sam and Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation, Inc.

Verizon Foundation

Vinton Moose Family Center #1121

Walmart Foundation

Walmart of Plantation Rd. #3622

Walmart Supercenter of Powhatan #5847

Walmart Supercenter Roanoke #1301

Wellspring Foundation of SW Virginia

Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management, LLC


Alan and Kim Turner

Alison Wickline-Burns

Allie and Von Richardson

Amber McClure

Amy Weatherly



Ashley and Tori Ratliff-Ives

Avery Bernstein

Betty Branch

Brad and Rachel Thompson

Brent and Shelly Hutson

Brian DeWeese and Renee Brown

Brittani Lewit

Bryan and Daria VanRavestein

Charles and Barbara Rockacy

Chris and Eyvette Evans

Chris and Michele Brumfield

Cindy Cooper

Clayton Auburg

Curtis Thompson

Dalton Cain

David and Betsy Cossaboon

David and Frankie Robbins

Dean and Pam Meador

Donna Littlepage and Melissa Robinson

Edward and Melissa Smith

Emily Mayhew

Emma Hansen

Evan Smith and Jennifer Farthing

Fay Spence and Kathy McCauley

Gary and Sandra Bradford

Gary Wilburn

Gordon and Susan Ewald

Greg and Amy Wolford

Greg and Mary Withers

Heather S. Davenport

Hope Robinson

Irvin and Sam Marshall

James and Karen Winstead

James and Meredith Henry

Jennifer Gibson

John and Eloise Ewald

John Olsson

Jorge Santos

Josh and Courtney Treece

Josie Holland

June Taft

Kate Means

Katie Henry

Katrina Zepp

Kevin and Beverly Binner

Leidra H. McQueen

Lindsay Huff

Lisa Street

Lisa Williams

Mark and Wendy Lucas

Mary Beth Alford

Mary Jane Perraut

Matthew and Andrea Zimmerman

Melissa Rolfes

Melissa Stanley

Michael and Ashleigh Norton

Michael and Jerri Alexiou

Michael Patrick

Michelle Cooley

Misti Greer

Molly McPike-Copenhaver

Nancy Mastry

Pat Broderick

Pat Grizzel

Patrick and Jamie Snead

Paul Riner

Paula Fisher

Penny Guy

Preston and Anna Taylor

Quanesha Moyer

Rachel McGinnis

Rebecca Noell

Richard and Bonnie Davis

Richard and Lori Shepherd

Robert and Anne Lewit

Rubi Martinez

Sam Rasoul

Scott and Amanda Stanley

Selena Dickey

Skylar Buchanan

Steve and Jenny Wickline

Steven McGonigal

Thomas and Debra Cook

Thomas and Fay Poulin

Todd and Amy Kageals

Tom R. Brock

Troy and Michelle Smith

Virginia Miller

Warren and Lavonne McPherson

Wes and Angie Brown

Wesley Brown

Wesley Brusseau and Jacob Jackson

William and Billie Black

William and Eileen Baumann

William Fritz

Nathaniel G. Hughes Memorial Scholarship Fund

Amanda Perkins

Angela Gutierrez

David and Tracy Gray

Dewitt and Rosemary Powell

Hannah Straub

Heather Murray

Julie Tanner

Catie Austin

Michelle Hughes

Robin Tolley

Timothy and Krista Martino

Vincent and Christina Trombetta

William and Laura Thomas


Wesley Brusseau and Jacob Jackson in honor of all the hardworking individuals that bring so much heart to DePaul

Michelle Cooley in honor of Mariah Moyer

Bonnie Davis in honor of Sara Manning

Selena Dickey in honor of Ryan and Suzanna Zimmerman

Penny Guy in honor of Ryan and Suzanna Zimmerman

Jacob Jackson in honor of Wesley Brusseau and all the board members serving DePaul

Brittani Lewit in memory of Victoria Lubeley

Emily Mayhew in memory of Ben Mayhew

Virginia Miller in honor of Matthew and Andrea Zimmerman

John Olsson in honor of Ryan and Suzanna Zimmerman

Richard and Lori Shepherd in honor of Sussi Walters

Lisa Street in honor of Goldia Belcher

Lisa Williams in honor of Sam Hall

Andrea Zimmerman in honor of Erick Hughes, Jennifer Andersen, and other DePaul staff

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