Donor Listings 2022
Donor Listings 2022

Donor Listings 2022

Annual Report 2022


Alan and Kim Turner
Amber McClure
Andy East
Anna Elzey
Arvil and Melissa Gallihar
Ashley and Tori Ratliff-Ives
Barbara Metz
Betty Branch
Brad and Rachel Thompson
Brent and Shelly Hutson
Brittani Lewit
Bryan and Daria VanRavestein
Bryan Garrett Ewald
C.E English-El
Cameron Culley
Charles and Barbara Rockacy
Charmaine Carmack
Chris and Eyvette Evans
Chris and Michele Brumfield
Christine Nichols
Cindy Cooper
Cole Frantz Semones
Curtis Thompson
Darnell Wood
Darryl Fitts
Dave and Jan Mangun
David and Betsy Cossaboon
David and Frankie Robbins
David and Janet Crawford
David Jones
David Mangefrida
Deborah Kemper
Deborah Snead
Deirdre Perry
Demetrius Russell Sr.
Diane E. Hastings
Donna Littlepage and Melissa Robinson
Edward and Melissa Smith
Emily Mayhew
Emily Moore
Emma Hansen
Eric and Erin Swartley
Fay Spence and Kathy McCauley
Finley and Alice Waddell
Frank Ewald
Gary and Latitia Rookstool
Gary and Sandra Bradford
Gary Wilburn
Gil Lynch, III
Gordon and Susan Ewald
Greg and Amy Wolford
Greg and Mary Withers
Heather S. Davenport
Heather Southard
Herb Belton
Hope Robinson
Howard Morgan
Irvin and Sam Marshall
James and Meredith Henry
Jean Garst
Jeff and Rebecca Durham
Jennifer Ewald
John and Eloise Ewald
John and Jean Wilt
Josh Burch
Josie Marie
Juanita Shumway
Julie Seven
June Taft
Kate Means
Katie Henry
Katie Jordan
Katrina Zepp
Keith and Robyn Porterfield
Kenneth and Laura Boward
Kevin and Barbara Clark
Kevin and Beverly Binner
Kirsten Anderson
Kyle and Debra Stoots
Leidra H. McQueen
Linda Harris
Lisa Black
Lisa Street
Lora Jones
Luthur and Margaret Beazley
Mark and Kathy Baske-Young
Mark and Wendy Lucas
Mary Hastings
Matthew and Andrea Zimmerman
Melissa Stanley
Michael and Ashleigh Norton
Michael and Emily Worrall
Michael and Jerri Alexiou
Michael and Mary Staples
Michelle Cooley
Mike and Jennifer Munsey
Misti Greer
Molly McPike-Copenhaver
Monica Coles
Nancy Mastry
Pat Broderick
Pat Grizzel
Patrick and Jamie Snead
Paul Riner
Preston and Anna Taylor
Rachel McGinnis
Rebecca Noell
Renee Brown
Rhonda Harrison
Richard and Lori Shepherd
Richard E. Cook
Rita Joyce
Robert and Anne Lewit
Sarah Crosby
Scott and Amanda Stanley
Scott and Kim Miller
Sean Burch
Sereina Paynter
Seth McDuffie
Sharon London
Sherri Keeney
Steve and Jenny Wickline
Steve and Linda Snead
Tee Young
Thomas and Debra Cook
Thomas and Fay Poulin
Thomas Karrasch
Tiffany Turner
Todd and Laura Selkirk
Tom R. Brock
Tony and Gail Asbury
Troy and Michelle Smith
Unknown Hamlett
Warren and Lavonne McPherson
Wesley Brusseau and Jacob Jackson
Will and Jessica Boardman
William and Brenda Moore
William and Eileen Baumann


Amazon Smile
Book Baskets of Charlottesville
C.E. Richardson Benevolent Foundation
Calvary Brethren Church, Inc.
Centra Health Foundation
Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge
Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia
Dollar General Literacy Foundation
C. Wareheim Foundation
First Fridays at Five, Inc.
Friendship Marina
Graham White Manufacturing Company
Harry and Zoe Poole Foundation
Jesse N. Bosang Trust
Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville
KOVAR Corporation
Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC
McKesson Foundation
More Better Technology
National Home Library Foundation
Network Computing Group, Inc.
Parkway Brewing
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Richard & Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust
Simply Perfect Events
Sir Speedy of Roanoke
Starbucks Foundation
Suburban Propane LP
The Al Stroobants Foundation
The Capps Group, Inc.
The Community Foundation of the New River Valley
The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation
The Hughes Philanthropic Society
The Louise R. Lester Foundation
The Sam and Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation, Inc
VCA Foundation
Verizon Foundation
Walmart Foundation
William Dean Charitable Foundation
Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black


Bearly Art
Stephan J. and Joan T. Boardman
Zachary Boyd
Brooke Buehring
Arron and Melissa Cook
Justin Dross and Laura Lyons
Mo Fathelbab
Heather Fay
Paula Fisher
GFL Environmental
Donna Gutierrez
Gloria Hughes
Hyland Heights Baptist Church
Ivy Ridge Chapel Church
Jefferson Scholars Foundation
Joy Photography
Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville
Little Green Hive
Irvin and Sam Marshall
Mill Creek Baptist Church
Mountain Thyme Honey and Gifts, LLC
Barbara Peters
Deborah Rexrode
Ruritan National
Bobby and Chloe Simpson
Doug and Jan Smythers
Ruth Taylor
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
The Dilly Dally
The Lane Group
Josh and Kelly Toth
University of Virginia Athletics
Randy and Taralyn Wear


Lisa Black—In Honor of—Sam Hall
Calvary Brethren Church, Inc.—In Memory of—Gregory Lynn
Central Elementary School—In Memory of—Gregory and Nathan Hughes
Michelle Cooley—In Honor of—Mariah Moyer
Gordon and Susan Ewald—In Honor of—Amanda Stanley
Gordon and Susan Ewald—In Honor of—Jamie Snead
Robert and Anne Lewit—In Memory of—Victoria Lubeley
Brittani Lewit—In Memory of—Victoria Lubeley
Nancy Mastry—In Honor of—Nicholas J Mastry, III
Emily Mayhew—In Memory of—Ben Mayhew
Julie Seven—In Memory of—Ben Mayhew
Richard and Lori Shepherd—In Honor of—Sussi Walters
Donna Straub—In Memory of—Nathan Hughes
Lisa Street—In Honor of—Goldia Belcher


Chris and Sheila Wright
George and Gail Macleod
Jodie Weidman
Robert and Sonya Cauley
Dewitt and Rosemary Powell
Ashley Crutchfield
Michelle Hughes
Frances Ruley
Carol Hines
Glenn and Nancy Hughes
Wilford Hughes
Lewis and Evalina Hughes
Robin Parker
Donna Straub
Finley and Alice Waddell
Timothy and Jill Harrison
Keith and Susan Irvine
Victoria Carter
David and Lesley Novack
Joel Ward

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