Meet Hunter!

Hunter is a vivacious and friendly 16-year-old boy. He loves dogs, especially boxers, and dreams of having a pet snake (the small, non-poisonous type). In his leisure time, Hunter enjoys playing video games, cooking, reading, and watching movies of the horror or comedy genre. He also enjoys being active and enjoying time outside.

On a pretty day, you might find Hunter doing flips on the trampoline, skateboarding, playing paint-ball, snowboarding, playing basketball, or throwing a football. If it’s time to watch “the big game”, Hunter will be rooting for the Pittsburg Steelers or cheering for the Miami Heat on the court. Not only does he love sports, but this fun-loving young man would make a great fishing or hunting buddy. He generally likes school and gets along well with his teachers/peers. Spanish is his favorite subject. He tries to please others and longs to be accepted. Hunter’s favorite foods are Chinese, ribs, broccoli, spinach, and fish. In the future, Hunter would like to become a chef with a specialty dish of deep fried catfish.

He would like to attend college at FSU, JMU, or possibly Emory and Henry. Others describe Hunter as sweet, affectionate, compassionate, and happy. He likes to stay busy and wants to “get out in the community to have fun”. Hunter has experienced a great amount of loss in his life and needs a family that can provide stability and offer unconditional love and acceptance. He is open to meeting new families and is hoping to be adopted.

For more information, please contact:

Cindy Davis,
Adoption Specialist.