Meet Briar!

Briar is a Caucasian male with a great sense of humor. He enjoys reading and playing video games. Briar is a goal-setter and is looking forward to receiving his learner’s permit, getting a part-time job, and saving his money to purchase a car to work on.

Briar has aspirations of joining the military, possibly the Army. Because of his diligent nature, Briar was selected to attend a state-wide youth conference for Independent Living (IL). Briar enjoys participating in IL activities as he knows they will prepare him for adulthood.

Briar is seeking a forever family who will be supportive and encouraging so that he may achieve his many goals. Briar also needs a forever family that will support the relationship he has with his great aunt, who raised him. She currently resides in a local nursing home.

Briar has an adult sibling and three younger siblings, which are not in foster care. Briar has just over the past year began to have contact with the siblings.

For more information, please contact:

Shannon Shepherd.