Meet Alexa!

Alexa is a 12-year-old young woman who is extremely intelligent and mature for her age. She scored Pass Advanced on her SOLs during the last school year. Her presence in a room is felt when she walks in. Alexa likes to be creative and enjoys arts and crafts; she also loves anything involving animals and insects. Alexa is a good conversationalist and understanding of her current situation. Although she bears an attachment to her biological mom that will need to be fostered, her mom knows that adoption is what is best for Alexa.

The resulting trauma from Alexa’s past experiences with her biological family manifests in behaviors that make it hard for her to connect and trust. She is currently in a residential facility and has made much progress, but is hopeful and willing to be a part of a new family.

Alexa has unlimited potential which is evident upon meeting her. She needs a family that will foster her passions, be consistent while remaining compassionate to her needs, and push her to be her best self.

Are you that family for Alexa?

Please contact Chris Conner with questions.