Camp, Connection, and Journeys to Forever
Camp, Connection, and Journeys to Forever

Camp, Connection, and Journeys to Forever

From the ropes course to the creek and all the crafts and dances in between, this year’s Post-Adoption Summer Camp was a day to remember.

“Family camp was super fun,” said Jaelynn. “I really liked the hike and the food. I can’t wait to go back next year!”

The post-adoption program is supported by a generous grant from the Virginia Department of Social Services. Through the program, DePaul, in partnership with Commonwealth Catholic Charities, offers free support services to families who have a legal, finalized adoption. The annual summer camp is a chance for families and children to make and strengthen connections, build positive attachment, and take a break from the stresses of everyday life. This year, 23 families attended the camp held at Apple Ridge Farm in Copper Hill. Activities ranged from swimming, an environmental program, a Lego team-building challenge, and an interactive story time. And kids were especially excited for the visiting ice cream truck.

While Post-Adoption Summer Camp only lasts a day, it makes a positive impact in the lives of families who attend. They leave camp more connected, more relaxed, and refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead.

“Family camp was a wonderful experience,” said Jessica. “We could just relax and be ourselves, with no judgement.”

Much like the camp, the post-adoption program is designed to support and improve the lives of adoptive families. Every day, the post-adoption team works to ensure that each adoptive family is connected to a caring community of individuals that understands their successes and challenges.

“Post-adoption supports have changed our lives for the better,” said Nicole. “We are so grateful for the services and how they have helped us through some tough times and helped us grow closer together.”

“We have loved our opportunity to work with DePaul for all our post-adoption needs,” said the Humphrey family. “Every experience has been so much fun for our family.”

Whether it’s navigating a ropes course together at camp or meeting in a monthly support group, families in the program are promised they will not walk their unique journeys alone.