Finance/Human Resources
Finance/Human Resources

Finance/Human Resources

DePaul Community Resources cannot open doors to hope and belonging without a Human Resources and Finance team it can count on.

Under normal circumstances, this is the busiest time of year for our finance team as they prepare for the coming fiscal year’s budget. It typically takes about three months to put together our organization’s budget, which serves as our financial roadmap for both revenue and expenses.

But this year is different. Our typical budget season is overlapping with operational and funding challenges due to COVID-19.

The finance team has been working hard to make sure DePaul is able to sustain operations and funding during this time of economic uncertainty. The team’s goal is to minimize the pandemic’s impact on ongoing operations, and so far, team members are exceeding that goal.

Our Human Resources team worked closely with the finance team to make sure new employment leave benefits related to COVID-19 were rolled out smoothly. Because of their impact on payroll, the benefits required close and careful consideration. Team members had extended conversations with an HR consultant to better understand and implement emergency leave while also ensuring employees were paid. Team members continue to attend webinars, making sure they are up to date on policies and impacts related to COVID-19.

During a time of uncertainty, our HR and finance team members devoted their days to helping DePaul weather the storm.

“I am so proud of the tireless work our HR and finance teams have done since COVID-19 started presenting us with challenges,” said Mike Norton, chief financial officer. “Their work behind the scenes is moving us forward and ensuring we can continue to serve children, families, and individuals with disabilities.”