A New Year’s Message from DePaul CEO Renee Brown
A New Year’s Message from DePaul CEO Renee Brown

A New Year’s Message from DePaul CEO Renee Brown

Dear Friends, Donors, and Partners,

As we begin another new year, many of us will revisit our priorities and goals. One of mine each year is Choose Gratitude. I believe it is important to express to those who walk alongside us, contribute to our mission, and partner in creating solutions just how important you are. Without you, 326 children would not have the hope of having a forever family. Without you, 203 individuals would not have the supports they deserve in the communities in which they live. Without you, 544 families would not have received the specialized tools to grow and heal together. Because of your support we have individuals accessing free therapeutic horseback riding services. Young adults have fully furnished independent living apartments. Resource books are available at no charge to those who need them.


Your gifts of time, thoughtfulness, and resources are vital to our mission of bringing hope and belonging to children, families, and individuals with disabilities and are much appreciated.


As I look forward with optimism, energy, and a sense of purpose, I also recognize there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done. If we are going to have a sustained impact on the lives of the people who are counting on us, we must challenge systemic practices that are no longer effective. We must listen to their voices and create a world in which they can thrive. We must develop supports and services where there are gaps. At DePaul, we are committed to being a part of the solution—a solution to children not having families, to individuals with a disability not being fully integrated into society, and to communities not having access to the mental health services they need. We know that with your support, we cannot fail.


I want to wish you an amazing 2023.  I hope you know how grateful DePaul is to be a part of it.

With hope and gratitude, Renee

*Children: those served in foster care and adoption
*Families: those served in post-adoption and counseling services
*Individuals: those served in independent living, day support, and sponsored residential