Family Engagement Services
Family Engagement Services

Family Engagement Services

Family Engagement Services (Prevention)

DePaul offers hope and healing to families in their times of need through Family Engagement Services, which help keep intact families together.

With the support of a parent coach who works closely alongside parents, this preventative service aims to improve family functioning through intervention and education on attachment parenting techniques. Families receive assistance in strengthening relationships, communication, and structure. For families that would benefit from focusing on parent-child interaction, we also offer a team approach that includes a child-focused staff member; or alternatively, this service can be paired with our Intensive In-Home Services (for children who qualify).

Family Engagement Services are helpful for families that are in at-risk educational systems; involved with Child Protective Services; experiencing relationship, mental health, or substance abuse issues; adjusting to adoption; or working towards reunification with children in foster care. Our Family Engagement staff provide assessments, create solid treatment plans, provide intervention, and offer supportive counseling, including hands-on support to parents and families.

Families Together (Reunification)

To reunite and strengthen families, DePaul’s Families Together program assists parents in improving themselves and their situations in order to regain custody of children who have entered into foster care.

For many parents, having a child removed from the home signifies a clear call for change. In that difficult time, our caseworkers are there to guide and motivate parents to meet the requirements needed for their children to return home. Parents are provided with a service plan outlining the changes that must take place in order to regain custody. Throughout the process, our caseworkers act as both coaches and cheerleaders, encouraging parents to take control of their situations while connecting them with the resources they need to be successful.

The goal of Families Together is to equip parents with the skills and connections needed to become better, safer caregivers. The program helps parents to understand concepts such as attachment theory and concentrate on the quality of interactions with their children. By providing emotional support and careful guidance, parents can learn coping skills to help handle stressful personal and environmental challenges.

Families Together provides the following services to families:

  • A strengths-based assessment of the family
  • Strength-based interventions based on needs identified in the assessment
  • Referrals to appropriate community resources
  • Coordination and/or supervision of family visitation
  • Regular face-to-face contact with family members receiving the service

Family Partnership Meeting Facilitation

Because big decisions are rarely easy to make, DePaul’s Family Partnership Meeting Facilitation is there to assist families in making the best possible choices.

With a central focus on children and their families, our skilled facilitators guide families and related service providers through each step of a decision-making process. Along with the family, supporters and service providers are also invited to participate in the discussion. The group works together to determine a solution, resulting in a helpful, detailed document citing the family’s strengths, concerns, and plan to address the identified needs.

Supervised Visitation

To repair relationships between children and their birth parents, DePaul provides Supervised Visitation services that create positive experiences for both parent and child.

During each supervised visit, specialists are on hand to support parents and children every step of the way. Coaching is provided to parents prior to, during, and after every visit in order to help parents fully engage with their children and understand emotional cues. Our specialists are trained in attachment principles and work with parents to facilitate improved relationships and quality visits. Assistance with transportation to and from our offices for visitation is also available.

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