Post-Placement Support
Post-Placement Support

Post-Placement Support

To preserve permanency among adoptive families, DePaul provides support services to children and families after the goal of adoption has been achieved.

Post-Adoption Support Services Program (PASS)

DePaul offers support to families following an adoption through the Post-Adoption Support Services (PASS) program. Services are provided by staff members who understand the dynamics and unique challenges of families formed by adoption. Families incur no costs as services are funded by a grant through the Virginia Department of Social Services. Adoptive families may receive some or all of the following services based on their needs:

  • Support groups for both parents and young people
  • Case management, including support, advocacy, and referral to community resources
  • Parent night out and day activities for young people with trained staff
  • Assessment and individual and/or family outpatient therapy
  • Intensive in-home support services
  • Crisis management and intervention including 24-hour on-call service

Expedited access to psychiatric services and telepsychiatry is also available and will be billed to the child’s insurance.

Who is Eligible for the PASS Program?

DePaul offers the PASS program to families who have signed an adoptive placement agreement or have a legal, finalized adoption. Adoptive families can begin participating in PASS at any time, regardless of when the adoption was finalized, and can continue until the child reaches 18 years of age. Families are eligible to participate whether adoptions are through foster care, international, or private adoptions.

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