We believe every foster child deserves to grow up in a permanent, loving family.


Through our Adoption program, we create and enhance families by bringing foster children together with people who are ready to open their hearts and homes to young people in need.

Filling the Gap

Today in the U.S., there are more than 500,000 children in foster care. About 100,000 of these children are waiting for an adoptive family. In Virginia alone, over 1,000 foster children wait to be adopted. In an effort to improve permanency for Virginia’s waiting children, DePaul’s Adoption program was established. Since 2000, our program has helped to prepare children and their adoptive families by providing the services and support necessary to create forever families.

DePaul offers adoption services at no cost thanks to grant funding that is focused on placing children into adoptive homes and providing support to adoptive families. These grants allow us to provide services through each step of the adoption process—from pre-adoption work to prepare children and families, to recruitment efforts to find appropriate families for waiting children, to post-adoption support to ensure families formed by adoption continue to be successful.

Waiting Children

Currently, in Virginia, there are more than 1,000 children and adolescents in foster care who are waiting to be adopted.
The young people who are available for adoptive placement through DePaul’s Adoption program have diverse backgrounds and experiences, but they share at least one thing in common: they are looking for caring, supportive forever families. Click on the images below to view profiles of children and teens who need a place to belong. Are you ready to open your heart and home to one of these wonderful young people?

For more information, please contact the adoption specialist listed in the child’s profile, or call our main office at 540.265.8923.

  • Antonia Meet Antonia

    Meet Antonia!

    Bubbly and vivacious are the best words to describe friendly Antonia. This 15-year-old girl enjoys spending time with friends. Antonia is very creative, enthusiastic, and affectionate.

    She enjoys writing, cooking, sports, playing with electronics, and making crafts. Antonia is very communicative, easily expressing her feelings with others. She enjoys helping out others in need in whatever way she can. She would like to go to college and be a doctor when she grows up. Antonia needs a family who can provide structure, consistency, and loving guidance so that she can realize her dreams.     For more information, please contact Chris Conner, Adoption Specialist.
  • Ethan Meet Ethan

    Meet Ethan!

    Ethan is a polite, healthy young man, with a slim build. He has blond hair, hazel eyes, and his favorite color is blue. Ethan enjoys spending time at home with family and friends. He desires to have a family where he will either be an only child, or the younger sibling of an older brother. Ethan would thrive in a home in the country so he can spend time outdoors. He would love to be in a family with a dog or two; he enjoys playing with dogs and is helpful with regard to feeding, watering, and walking a dog. Ethan also enjoys teaching dogs to sit or fetch. Ethan loves spending time playing video games, especially on his Nintendo DS, watching cartoons, and anything to do with Pokémon. He has a taste for sweets and his favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. He also likes Mountain Dew and Snickers bars. Ethan loves Whopper burgers from Burger King. Ethan says he does not mind doing a few chores. He says that he believes that “families do things together; that’s how it’s supposed to be.” For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Adoption Specialist.

  • Hailey Meet Hailey

    Meet Hailey!

    Hailey is 13 years old. Hailey loves to play soccer, run track, and dance along to latest pop songs. At home, she’s an adventurous eater who will try all kinds of food--and she even learned how to cook. Outside the home, she’s eager to participate in church activities and enjoys being with her friends. Hailey has endured a lot of trauma in her life, and she will do her best with a family who is loving and nurturing. Her future family needs to understand that Hailey is shy about adoption because of a lack of commitment from trusted adults in her life. She will thrive in a home with structure, routine, and clear boundaries. Hailey deserves a family who will accept her for who she is, and who will encourage her with unconditional love and understanding. For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis.  
  • Jesse Meet Jesse

    Meet Jesse!

    Jesse is 10 years old.  He is a very energetic, interactive child that enjoys horseback riding, fishing, riding bikes, and many other outside adventurous activities. Jesse also loves to build things with Legos, play basketball, and read books. This little boy loves to be a helper and would appreciate the opportunity to help his mom and dad with outdoor activities. Jesse has been around horses and helps to take care of them. He feels connected with farm life and dreams of having a bull and a trailer to haul it in.

    When he grows up, he would like to be a police officer.  Jesse needs a mom and dad that can devote a lot of time to build a relationship with him. He would benefit from a two-parent home without siblings. Structure is important in his life and he does best when daily routines are set and followed. Are you a family that lives in the country, possibly on a farm that has a spot in your family just waiting on an eager young farm enthusiast? If so, Jesse might have found his forever home!

    For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Foster/Adoptive Family Recruitment Specialist

  • Jacob Meet Jacob

    Meet Jacob!

    Jacob is a 13-year-old male who is upbeat and optimistic. He has blonde hair and bluish gray eyes. He is kind, caring, and extremely good with animals. Jacob will self-advocate and work to have his needs and wants met. He has good verbal skills and likes to create and tell stories. Jacob is friendly and interested in meeting new people. Jacob is a hard worker and wants to please others.  Jacob wants a family that can support and guide him to be successful in his future endeavors.   For more information, please contact Chris Conner, Adoption Specialist.
  • Zachary Meet Zachary

    Meet Zachary!

    Zachary is an active boy that likes to explore the outdoors. He enjoys fishing, playing sports, and doing tricks on his stunt bike. He enjoys the opportunity to show off his skills! He has expressed an interest in one day becoming a professional dirt bike racer. Zachary would like to be in a rural/country setting where he can be outside to enjoy all the season of the year. Zachary likes some down time with TV.  Some of his favorite shows are WWE and Monster Trucks. Zachary would like a forever family to encourage him through his difficult school subjects and celebrate in his successes. He likes to listen to music especially country stations. Zachary is excited about finding his forever family.
  • Mariana Meet Mariana

    Meet Mariana!

    She is a spunky 12-year-old who loves to sing and will give you a concert any minute of the day. Mariana loves to play with her dolls and read up on the latest fashion trends and pop culture. Mariana loves animals and would like to be in a home with pets. She is a great self-advocate and articulates her needs. Mariana loves to travel and do new things. She is shy when meeting new people but once she feels comfortable she is very outgoing. Mariana would be best matched with a family who is loving and nurturing. She needs a family that is consistent and structured but remains flexible to accommodate her needs as she heals. She gets along well with children who are older or younger than her and enjoys helping out with tasks. Are you that forever family for Mariana?
  • Elijah Meet Elijah

    Meet Elijah!

    Elijah is an active young boy that likes to explore the world. He enjoys playing outside, creating masterpieces with Legos, drawing and singing. Elijah has expressed a desire to be on television in a singing competition to show the world his talent! He also loves to share with everyone what a great swimmer he is and enjoys any chance that he can show that skill off! Elijah is working on broadening his interests. He is currently learning how to fish at a nearby pond and working with horses. Elijah would like a forever family to encourage him through his difficult school subjects and celebrate with him in his successes. He enjoys the company of others and is often very talkative, sharing what he likes, his aspirations, and things he would like to try. He likes to play card games and is eager to teach others some of his favorite games. Elijah is excited about finding his forever family!
  • Katlin Meet Katlin

    Meet Katlin!

    Hi, my name’s Katlin! I’m funny, honest, helpful, and I care about others. My favorite things to do when I am outside are riding my bike and roller skating. I also like to play kickball, baseball, and basketball. I’m taking horseback riding lessons and really enjoy it! My favorite thing about that is getting to take care of the horses. I am also taking gymnastics and I love learning new skills. My favorite indoor activities are cooking, watching movies about horses, and doing crafts. Sometimes I watch football and basketball on TV. My favorite team to root for is the Miami Dolphins. My favorite books are those about horses. If I could go anywhere I would choose to visit Disney World. I also like to go to the beach. My dream day would be to go a Karate Studio. I would like a family who will take care of me, take me places, and help me with things. I want to continue to work on being able to calm myself down and control my anger. When I grow up I would like to be a teacher.  
  • Alexa Meet Alexa

    Meet Alexa!

    Alexa is a 12-year-old young woman who is extremely intelligent and mature for her age. She scored Pass Advanced on her SOLs during the last school year. Her presence in a room is felt when she walks in. Alexa likes to be creative and enjoys arts and crafts; she also loves anything involving animals and insects. Alexa is a good conversationalist and understanding of her current situation. Although she bears an attachment to her biological mom that will need to be fostered, her mom knows that adoption is what is best for Alexa. The resulting trauma from Alexa’s past experiences with her biological family manifests in behaviors that make it hard for her to connect and trust. She is currently in a residential facility and has made much progress, but is hopeful and willing to be a part of a new family. Alexa has unlimited potential which is evident upon meeting her. She needs a family that will foster her passions, be consistent while remaining compassionate to her needs, and push her to be her best self. Are you that family for Alexa? Please contact Chris Conner with questions.
  • Trenton and Thomas Meet Trenton and Thomas

    Meet Trenton and Thomas!

    Trenton and Thomas are very close though they still have a healthy sibling rivalry at times. They are well-mannered, lovable, and affectionate children who love to be praised. Trenton is intelligent and makes good grades in school. Trenton has a lot of energy and is very active and enjoys riding his bike and being on the lake. He likes playing video games and playing with his brother. Trenton has a remarkably giving personality and is willing to do anything for a stranger that is in need. Thomas likes to be social and likes to help with taking in the groceries and helping out adults in any way that he can. He is very active and likes to stay busy. Thomas likes to play basketball, fish, hunt, and do anything else that will keep him outside longer. Thomas is very friendly to anyone he meets. Trenton and Thomas would do best with a family that is willing to give them unconditional love and support. Trenton and Thomas will thrive in a home with structure and a stable environment.
  • Alexa Meet Alexa

    Meet Alexa!

    If you like animals and have a good sense of humor, then you should meet Alexa. She enjoys family time but does struggle with being around too many people at once.  She likes to help out in the kitchen has learned to cook a few simple meals. Alexa enjoys technology and one of her hobbies is photography and editing. She also enjoys alternative music and uses it as a form of relaxation. Alexa also enjoys caring for infants and toddlers and has aspirations of being a childcare provider one day. Alexa is looking for a loving and patient family to guide and support her.   For more information, please contact Cindy Davis, Recruitment Specialist at DePaul Community Resources.
  • Jacob Meet Jacob

    Meet Jacob!

    Jacob is an energetic and friendly young man. He is 14 years old and likes to be active. He enjoys lifting weights and is working towards getting stronger and fit. Jacob loves most foods, especially Asian cuisine. He is compassionate and considerate of other people’s feelings. Jacob loves electronics and would like parents that are tech savvy. He especially enjoys playing video games. He advocates for himself and wants a family that will listen and help provide guidance and love. He needs a family that can provide consistency and support to help him be successful in school and life.   For more information, please contact Chris Conner, Adoption Specialist.
  • Haley Meet Haley

    Meet Haley!

    Haley enjoys bike riding, swimming, and listening to country music in her free time. She likes animals especially dogs and horses. Haley is a good student, makes good grades and her favorite subject is math. Currently, Haley is taking Spanish because she feels that will help her in the future. Haley likes the country setting and hopes to find a family that enjoys that as well. Haley has experienced trauma in her life and deserves a family that can accept her for who she is and provide her with support and love. Haley would do well in a single female parent home that can give her the attention see deserves. For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Foster/Adoptive Family Recruiter.
  • Jonathan Meet Jonathan

    Meet Jonathan!

    Jonathan is 15-years-old and in the 9th grade. He enjoys all his courses in school and excels academically. He enjoys playing football and basketball. He is very talented and enjoys showing off his talent by spinning the basketball on all of his fingers! When he is done with high school, he hopes to begin a career working with computers. Jonathan is a sweet young man and although he struggles with opening up and allowing others in, he does not seem to push others away. He requires time to build a loving and caring relationship because of his inconsistent past relationships. Jonathan needs a patient, loving, family that will give him the attention he deserves and initiate the relationship. This will allow Jonathan to open up and feel accepted in his own time. He has expressed that he just wants a loving and caring family. For more information, please contact Chris Conner, Adoption Specialist.
  • Rijena Meet Rijena

    Meet Rijena!

    Rijena is a polite, sweet young lady. Rijena likes to be active and has many interests. She loves animals, particularly horses and enjoys being outdoors especially when she can be fishing, swimming, or sleigh riding. Her favorite foods are hamburgers and hotdogs especially when they are cooked over a campfire. When Rijena is inside she enjoys cooking, crocheting, and painting. She is musically inclined and plays the trombone in her local school band and hopes to join the marching band in high school. Rejina enjoys school and hopes to become a nurse in the future. Rijena would love a family and community that will accept her for who she is and will allow her to be herself. For more information, please contact Cindy Davis, Recruitment Specialist at DePaul Community Resources.
  • Steven Meet Steven

    Meet Steven!

    Born in 2010, Steven is an energetic little boy who says, “I like to be outside, so I can be loud if I want to”. He likes to fish, play with animals, and jump on a trampoline. In the summer he likes to play in the water and wants to learn to swim one day. When he is inside he likes to watch Ninja Turtles on television, doodle, and build with blocks. Steven says that one day he would like to be either join the Army or be a Police Officer when he grows up. Most of all, Steven needs a family that will provide a safe and stable home. For more information, please contact Cindy Davis, Foster/Adoptive Family Recruiter at DePaul Community Resources.
  • Destiny Meet Destiny

    Meet Destiny!

    Destiny is a very bright young lady. She does very well academically, takes some advanced classes and has aspirations of becoming a nurse. She previously was in the marching band and was very proud of her accomplishments there. Destiny likes to read and seems to have an interest in a variety of topics. She has a very artistic side and likes to draw, color, and paint. When surrounded by art and craft supplies she describes it as "being in heaven". She loves photography, particularly taking pictures of sunsets and other things in nature. When it comes to music she isn’t afraid to sing along! For more information, please contact Cindy Davis, Recruitment Specialist at DePaul Community Resources.

The Children We Serve

The young people served by our Adoption program are usually of 10 years of age or older, may face physical, mental, or emotional challenges, may be members of sibling groups of two or more, and are diverse in race and ethnicity.

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