We believe every foster child deserves to grow up in a permanent, loving family.


Through our Adoption program, we create and enhance families by bringing foster children together with people who are ready to open their hearts and homes to young people in need.

Filling the Gap

Today in the U.S., there are more than 500,000 children in foster care. About 100,000 of these children are waiting for an adoptive family. In Virginia alone, over 1,000 foster children wait to be adopted. In an effort to improve permanency for Virginia’s waiting children, DePaul’s Adoption program was established. Since 2000, our program has helped to prepare children and their adoptive families by providing the services and support necessary to create forever families.

DePaul offers adoption services at no cost thanks to grant funding that is focused on placing children into adoptive homes and providing support to adoptive families. These grants allow us to provide services through each step of the adoption process—from pre-adoption work to prepare children and families, to recruitment efforts to find appropriate families for waiting children, to post-adoption support to ensure families formed by adoption continue to be successful.

Waiting Children

Currently, in Virginia, there are more than 1,000 children and adolescents in foster care who are waiting to be adopted.
The young people who are available for adoptive placement through DePaul’s Adoption program have diverse backgrounds and experiences, but they share at least one thing in common: they are looking for caring, supportive forever families. Click on the images below to view profiles of children and teens who need a place to belong. Are you ready to open your heart and home to one of these wonderful young people?

For more information, please contact the adoption specialist listed in the child’s profile, or call our main office at 540.265.8923.

  • Antonia Meet Antonia

    Meet Atonia!

    Bubbly and vivacious are the best words to describe friendly Antonia. This 13-year-old girl enjoys spending time with friends. Antonia is very creative, enthusiastic, and affectionate.

    She enjoys writing, cooking, sports, playing with electronics, and making crafts. She also likes to jump rope. Antonia is very communicative, easily expressing her feelings with others. She enjoys helping out others in need in whatever way she can. She would like to go to college and be a doctor when she grows up. Antonia needs a family who can provide structure, consistency, and loving guidance so that she can realize her dreams. For more information, please contact: Julie Vance.
  • Brianna Meet Brianna

    Meet Brianna!

    Brianna is a 16-year-old girl who is in need of a strong, adoptive family to help her live up to her full potential of greatness. Brianna describes herself as “part tomboy and part girly-girl.” Brianna likes to be outside taking walks around the neighborhood, kicking a soccer ball around, or just hanging out with her friends. Brianna enjoys listening to music and going to the mall.

    Brianna has had many struggles in her short life and has difficulty expressing her feelings. She is in need of an experienced foster/adoptive family that can be committed to her through thick and thin. Brianna is excited about being adopted and finding her forever family.

    Could you be the family that guides Brianna into adulthood?

    For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Adoption Specialist.
  • Briar Meet Briar

    Meet Briar!

    Briar is a Caucasian male with a great sense of humor. He enjoys reading and playing video games. Briar is a goal-setter and is looking forward to receiving his learner’s permit, getting a part-time job, and saving his money to purchase a car to work on. Briar has aspirations of joining the military, possibly the Army. Because of his diligent nature, Briar was selected to attend a state-wide youth conference for Independent Living (IL). Briar enjoys participating in IL activities as he knows they will prepare him for adulthood. Briar is seeking a forever family who will be supportive and encouraging so that he may achieve his many goals. Briar also needs a forever family that will support the relationship he has with his great aunt, who raised him. She currently resides in a local nursing home. Briar has an adult sibling and three younger siblings, which are not in foster care. Briar has just over the past year began to have contact with the siblings. For more information, please contact: Shannon Shepherd.

  • Chelsea Meet Chelsea

    Meet Chelsea!

    Sixteen-year-old Chelsea is ready for a family that she can call her own. Chelsea is a sweet and talkative young girl who has many interests that include basketball, gardening, riding bikes, cooking, and talking with her friends. Chelsea also likes a variety of music, but her favorites are Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, and Tim McGraw! Chelsea states that she would like an active family and would love her own bedroom. Chelsea is in 9th grade this school year and reports that she wants to be a chef when she goes into adulthood. Chelsea has felt abandoned in her past and is anxious to trust adults to be there for her. She needs a strong family that can be committed to her and help her with her worries and anxieties. Chelsea would do best as the only child in the home, but is open to learning about all types of families. Chelsea is eager to be adopted and have a forever home. Could you be the family that helps Chelsea in the kitchen? For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Adoption Specialist.
  • Emaleigh Meet Emaleigh

    Meet Emaleigh!

    She’s a smart, fun-loving 11-year-old fashionista who’s always ready to shop and knows just what to wear. With her natural flair and style, Emaleigh loves to create outfits and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Outside the world of fashion, she loves to swim and explore. Emaleigh is always eager to learn new things, and loves arts and crafts (especially when she gets to make pretty things). Emaleigh needs a family to love and support her so she can grow and flourish. She’s looking forward to meeting her forever family.

    For more information, please contact: Julie Vance.

  • Ethan Meet Ethan

    Meet Ethan!

    Ethan is a polite, healthy young man, with a slim build. He has blond hair, hazel eyes, and his favorite color is blue. Ethan enjoys spending time at home with family and friends. He desires to have a family where he will either be an only child, or the younger sibling of an older brother. Ethan would thrive in a home in the country so he can spend time outdoors. He would love to be in a family with a dog or two; he enjoys playing with dogs and is helpful with regard to feeding, watering, and walking a dog. Ethan also enjoys teaching dogs to sit or fetch. Ethan loves spending time playing video games, especially on his Nintendo DS, watching cartoons, and anything to do with Pokémon. He has a taste for sweets and his favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. He also likes Mountain Dew and Snickers bars. Ethan loves Whopper burgers from Burger King. Ethan says he does not mind doing a few chores. He says that he believes that “families do things together; that’s how it’s supposed to be.” For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Adoption Specialist.

  • Hailey Meet Hailey

    Meet Hailey!

    Hailey is excited to find a family and wants to belong to an adoptive family very much. She is very intelligent, and does well academically when she puts forth effort. Hailey likes school, and enjoys Science and singing in the choir. She is a self–proclaimed "tomboy" and enjoys fishing and other outdoor activities. Hailey is talented in drawing, writing, and a variety of arts and crafts skills. She likes horses, and trips to the beach. Hailey also enjoys listening to music, singing, and "rapping." Hailey is active and wants to remain in sports such as football and cheerleading. She aspires to be a sports coach someday. Hailey wishes for a family to share in her interests, talents, and love. For more information, please contact Amanda Cole with DePaul Community Resources at 276.623.0881.
  • Hunter Meet Hunter

    Meet Hunter!

    Hunter is a vivacious and friendly 16-year-old boy. He loves dogs, especially boxers, and dreams of having a pet snake (the small, non-poisonous type). In his leisure time, Hunter enjoys playing video games, cooking, reading, and watching movies of the horror or comedy genre. He also enjoys being active and enjoying time outside. On a pretty day, you might find Hunter doing flips on the trampoline, skateboarding, playing paint-ball, snowboarding, playing basketball, or throwing a football. If it’s time to watch “the big game”, Hunter will be rooting for the Pittsburg Steelers or cheering for the Miami Heat on the court. Not only does he love sports, but this fun-loving young man would make a great fishing or hunting buddy. He generally likes school and gets along well with his teachers/peers. Spanish is his favorite subject. He tries to please others and longs to be accepted. Hunter’s favorite foods are Chinese, ribs, broccoli, spinach, and fish. In the future, Hunter would like to become a chef with a specialty dish of deep fried catfish. He would like to attend college at FSU, JMU, or possibly Emory and Henry. Others describe Hunter as sweet, affectionate, compassionate, and happy. He likes to stay busy and wants to “get out in the community to have fun”. Hunter has experienced a great amount of loss in his life and needs a family that can provide stability and offer unconditional love and acceptance. He is open to meeting new families and is hoping to be adopted. For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Adoption Specialist.
  • Jesse Meet Jesse

    Meet Jesse!

    This sweet 10-year-old boy is Jesse. He is a very energetic, interactive child that enjoys horseback riding, fishing, riding bikes, and many other outside adventurous activities. Jesse also loves to build things with Legos, play basketball, and read books.

    When he grows up, he would like to be a police officer. Jesse needs a mom and dad that can devote a lot of time to build a relationship with him. He would benefit from a two parent home without siblings. This little boy loves to be a helper and would appreciate the opportunity to help his mom and dad with outdoor activities. Currently he lives around horses and helps to take care of them. Jesse likes to ride and care for his favorite horse “Baby”. He feels connected with farm life and dreams of having a bull and a trailer to haul it in.

    Structure is important in his life and he does best when daily routines are set and followed. Are you a family that lives in the country, possibly on a farm, that has a spot in your family just waiting on an eager young farm enthusiast? If so, Jesse might have found his forever home! For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Adoption Specialist.
  • Matthew Meet Matthew

    Meet Matthew!

    Matthew is a 13-year-old male. He enjoys watching Scooby-Doo and SpongeBob SquarePants. Matthew’s favorite toys are wrestling figurines and sensory toys such as large therapy balls or bubble wrap. Matthew has limited speech; however, he communicates through writing and drawing. Matthew also utilizes some sign language, and can sign “I Love You”. Matthew needs a family that will care and advocate for him throughout his life. His family will need to be very patient and may have to prompt him to complete daily tasks. Matthew’s family will need to help him with a gradual transition to his life in their home. Matthew greatly loves those who are close to him and has lots of love to share with a family of his own.  

    For more information, please contact: Jo Cole.

  • Robert Meet Robert

    Meet Robert!

    Robert is a 16-year-old male. He is a boy that loves attention and affection from those around him.  Robert would really like to be involved in boy scouts and karate. He loves attending church. Robert is a friendly and caring young man who is need of a family to help in grow. A family that is able to communicate their expectations of Robert clearly and lovingly would be the best fit for him.

    Robert has endured a great deal of losses in his life and he needs a family that will be patient and work with him through his variety of emotions.  He  is excited about being adopted and has stated that he would like to go camping with his new family.  Could you be that family that helps Robert's dream come true? For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Adoption Specialist.
  • Tristan Meet Tristan

    Meet Tristan!

    This charming young man is Tristan, age 15.  He is looking for a family that can match wits with him! Tristan is very smart and enjoys a challenge. He likes to watch the History Channel and wants to learn more about World Wars. He is a wiz at card tricks and delights in your astonishment! Tristan has aspirations of becoming a lawyer, Navy Seal, police officer, or an Intelligence Agent for the military.

    Tristan is interested in having a pet and likes to help his foster father mow the grass and work outside. Tristan would be very comfortable living on a farm or in a rural setting. Tristan states he would like a two parent home but would be open to a single dad. He would enjoy someone who is active and states that a family with technological savvy is a must! Tristan relishes one-on-one attention and values a strong male role model in his life. Could you keep up with Tristan as he learns about the past and moves toward the future?

    For more information, please contact: Cindy Davis, Adoption Specialist.
  • Sami Meet Sami

    Meet Sami!

    Kind, loving, and caring are three words that best describe Sami. Sami is an intelligent teenage girl who enjoys school and does very well academically. Currently, Sami has earned her learner’s permit and is seeking part-time employment. One of her goals is to attend college and focus her studies on marine biology. Sami’s interests include reading, writing, and spending time outdoors. She especially enjoys activities such as hiking with family, taking walks, playing soccer, and working on cars. Sami is very creative and talented in drawing, writing, singing, and sewing. She is very personable, has a fun sense of humor, and makes friends easily. Sami loves animals and does well with all pets. She is particularly fond of fish, jellyfish, and sushi! Sami is searching for a family with whom she can share her adventures, love, and life.
  • Halynn Meet Halynn

    Meet Halynn!

    Halynn is outgoing, brave, open, and easy to talk with. She enjoys school and does well academically. Halynn enjoys reading books, and hopes to be a Math teacher one day. She has attended church in the past, and enjoyed teaching Bible verses to younger children. She also participates in sports, such as volleyball, cheerleading, softball, skating, bowling, and swimming. Halynn enjoys photography, as well as listening to music. She also likes going shopping, and watching movies and television shows with her family. Halynn has expressed the desire to have siblings so she can have someone to talk with and relate to. More than anything, she wants to belong and be a part of a family. For more information, please contact Amanda Cole with DePaul Community Resources.
  • Jonathan Meet Jonathan

    Meet Jonathan!

    Jonathan is 15-years-old and in the 9th grade. He enjoys all his courses in school and excels academically. He enjoys playing football and basketball. He is very talented and enjoys showing off his talent by spinning the basketball on all of his fingers! When he is done with high school, he hopes to begin a career working with computers. Jonathan is a sweet young man and although he struggles with opening up and allowing others in, he does not seem to push others away. He requires time to build a loving and caring relationship because of his inconsistent past relationships. Jonathan needs a patient, loving, family that will give him the attention he deserves and initiate the relationship. This will allow Jonathan to open up and feel accepted in his own time. He has expressed that he just wants a loving and caring family.
  • Leaya Meet Leaya

    Meet Leaya!

    Outgoing 16-year-old Leaya’s smile lights up a room. She is a self-described artist and is very crafty. Leaya loves all animals and hopes to have her own pet someday. She enjoys church activities and being with her friends. Leaya likes to have things organized and keeps her living area in tip-top shape. Leaya likes to have pretty girly things around her and loves to go shopping. She enjoys school and would like to work with animals as a profession. Leaya will be best matched with a family who is loving, nurturing, and committed to her. She will thrive in a home with structure, routine, and clearly defined boundaries. The family needs to be committed to ensuring continued contact with her brother. The family will need clear rules in their home and be able to enforce them.
  • Raven Meet Raven
    Meet Raven! Book an appointment with the salon because this vibrant teen really enjoys trying out new looks with her nails and hair. She’s got her eye on her future with interests in business, psychology, and cosmetology, so she would enjoy patient parents who can support her goals while providing her with unconditional love, support, and mentorship as she strives towards young adulthood. While Raven values her personal space, she also loves to be included in the family fun! At home, Raven loves cooking, reading, and snuggling with the family dogs. You can also find her rocking out to music, hanging out with friends, and of course, shopping! Raven deserves a family who can be her foundation while she learns to spread her wings and soar. Can you rise to the call for Raven?  
  • Hailey Meet Hailey
    Meet Hailey! She’s 11, and loves to play soccer and dance along to the latest pop songs. At home, she’s an adventurous eater who’ll try all kinds of food--and she’s even learning to cook. Outside the home, she’s an eager participant at church activities and enjoys being with her friends. Hailey has endured a lot of trauma in her life, and she will do best with a family who is loving and nurturing. Her future family needs to understand that Hailey is shy about adoption because of a lack of commitment from trusted adults in her life. She’ll thrive in a home with structure, routine, and clear boundaries. Hailey deserves a family who will accept her for who she is, and who will encourage her with unconditional love and understanding. For more information please contact Cindy Davis.

The Children We Serve

The young people served by our Adoption program are usually of 10 years of age or older, may face physical, mental, or emotional challenges, may be members of sibling groups of two or more, and are diverse in race and ethnicity.