About DePaul
About DePaul

About DePaul

Our vision: opening doors to hope and belonging.
Our values: fairness, integrity, respect, safety, and trust.
Our goal: to be a touchstone provider of services to individuals with unique challenges.

For 40 years, DePaul Community Resources has opened doors to hope and belonging for families and individuals across Central and Southwest Virginia.

We are not only a nonprofit human services organization—we are a social impact organization. Every day we work to change the world by improving the lives of children, families, and individuals with developmental disabilities. With more than 200 staff, a network of over 400 care providers, foster and adoptive parents, and a host of volunteers, advocates, and partners, it is work that we cannot accomplish alone. Hope and belonging is for all of us—with your help, we can make this vision a reality for countless Virginians who cannot imagine it today.

To view the DePaul Community Resources Annual Report, please click below:

2016 DePaul Community Resources Annual Report

Our Leadership

DePaul exercises leadership at all levels of the organization. We have many teams working each day to make decisions that help us do our best work. Each team has its own unique purpose and brings a distinct value to our work. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, DePaul is led by a volunteer board of directors. The board is tasked with establishing the strategic direction for the organization to ensure DePaul is poised for a vital future in the decades ahead. The executive leadership team is responsible for ensuring organizational strategy, organizational health, and organizational structure. Under the direction of the president and CEO, the executive team provides direction, protection, and order for the organization and to ensure alignment of all departments as DePaul heads toward our north star of hope and belonging.

News & Events

Waiting Children

Are You Jonathan’s Forever Home?

Meet Jonathan Jonathan is 15-years-old and in the 9th grade. He enjoys all his courses in school and excels academically. He enjoys playing football and basketball. He is very talented and enjoys showing off his talent by spinning the basketball on all of his fingers! When he is done with high school, he hopes to begin a […]

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Spotlight Stories

Growing Together

While this past year has been one full of growth and positive change for DePaul, not many service locations have experienced a transition as dramatic as our Fishersville OPTIONS center. This day support program serving adults with developmental disabilities has undergone an all-around transformation—from the physical setting of the center, to a strengthened commitment in […]

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Sponsored Residential Resources

Seven Steps to Becoming a Care Provider

For many individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities, the opportunity to live in a nurturing, home-based setting as active members of a family can make a world of difference. DePaul’s Sponsored Residential program carefully matches children and adults with disabilities to compassionate care providers who offer personalized support to individuals in their homes. DePaul recruits […]

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Adoption Resources

Supporting Adoptive Families—Beyond the Adoption Process

At DePaul, we believe hope and belonging is for all of us. Since 2000, our Adoption program has worked to make this vision a reality by helping children in foster care find permanent, forever families. We provide both children and their adoptive families with the therapeutic services and support they need to ensure successful adoptive […]

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Foster Resources

Foster Care Myth Busters

About Foster Care Foster care is intended to be a temporary solution for children who have been removed from their birth family homes for reasons of neglect, abuse, abandonment, or other issues endangering their health and/or safety. Every effort is made to help the child remain with his or her family; however, when a child […]

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Spotlight Stories

The Spirit of Belonging

Brother and sister Morris and Mina have been part of CaSandra’s home since July 2015 when she welcomed them as foster children. Just over a year later, their adoption was finalized, and the two joined CaSandra’s big family. A long-time foster parent, CaSandra had originally intended to foster only girls and the rooms in her home, decked out […]

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